24 April, 2007


Over at the Uncyclopedia (link permanently listed at right top of CPMary blogspot), the editors have gotten a whiff of the stench of bogan winds that eminate from the otherwise lovely and lush landscape known as Tasmania. Seems one native daughter in particular has garnered a reputation for herself as one of her island's most dynamic personalities. Check it out below. And thanks, editors, for the blogspot plug! For more fun, search "bogan" on the same site and get more on the Real Mary!

Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary Donaldson is the Crown Princess of Denmark, a title the undeserving lassie obtained by vulgar display of trashiness when she rubbed the chest of the visiting dimwit Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark during the Sydney Olympics. Being the golddigger that she is, she has made headlines for her excessive spending, being called the Imelda Marcos of the North. Back in the days when she'd happily shag Taswegian hillbillies in the back of a ute, Mary was described by one former lover as a "Holden Commodore": boring, but does what you want it to. Mary now only cares about fashion and being in magazines, she never had a successful career and loved to drive around in her then-boyfriend's used cars - not his property but he worked at a dealership so Mary had her pick. Now she wears Prada and Hugo Boss and thinks she's the shit. In a strange twist of consistency, the Australian mind-controlling media still seem to think that Mary is still "Australia's" (property), despite her traitorous emigration; as for Germaine Greer, not so much. For more on the princess's deep thoughts and friendship with ridden hard and hung up wet Amber Petty, see http://cpmary.blogspot.com.

Not to be outdone, there are some very clever contributors (including yours truly, C&H) over at the Urban Dictionary who have caught on to some Princess Mary keywords as clever metaphors for the trashy, vulgar, bogan lifestyle celebrated by our favourite Sap of Tassie and her tragi-victim Frederik. Kudos in particular to Glenn Griffiths with his dead-on description of our Lille Hillebille, the first in this list:

Princess Mary



Scotch Nanny

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark


Amber Petty


Post-nuptial Agreement

Prince Christian of Denmark